SMERGY – The SMART ENERGY Campaign for young adults

SMERGY is a European energy-saving campaign for young adults between 18 and 29 years. The goal of SMERGY is to communicate possible energy saving potential and to encourage young adults to implement energy efficiency measures at home. The communication with the target audience is happening in a practical, fun, and fashionable way. Through the development of diverse promotions and competitions, the target group will be encouraged to actively participate in the campaign and to inform and motivate others through the use of social networks. 

Due to the development of a personalized energy check tool, the target group will be able to compare their energy habits with those of others and reach tangible energy-saving results. Special emphasis will be placed on young adults who are moving into their own apartment or into a shared-apartment for the first time, because from now on they will be able to see the economic impact of their habits via their electricity and heating bills. Furthermore, these young adults are naturally curios and can be more easily motivated to save energy due to their precarious economic situation.


The Central Campaign Element: The SMERGYmeter

The specifically tailored “SMERGYmeter” empowers the target audience to compare their own energy use with those of their peers and to simultane¬ously measure the energy and money savings they have achieved. The personalized SMERGYmeter, a newly developed tool, can be integrated with social media like Facebook and Twitter. The tool will provide useful guidance on how to effectively lower the current level of energy consumption. By connecting with peers in extensive social networks, the young adults will also be able to experience a sense of community within the campaign. Additionally, the “SMERGYmeter” will serve as a monitoring tool, which will be used to assess the overall success of the campaign.

Who is behind SMERGY?

SMERGY is a European campaign and will run in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Sweden and Denmark untill August 2016. SMERGY is co-funded by the European Commission. 

To reach the target group, we activate our broad network. The following partners will actively support us: MTV / VIVA and Hörstmann Group (Melt! Festival, Berlin Festival, Intro, Festival Guide), Deutscher Mieterverein (German Tenants' Association), various universities (eg. B. FU Berlin, Georg-August-University Göttingen, TU Berlin, University of Bremen (AG universities and sustainability)), student initiatives (eg. B. student union of the University of Applied Sciences Berlin and the University of Freiburg). More details about the projects participants you can find here.