Published Deliverables

D2.3 National/regional websites → Download

D2.6 Preparation of campaign material: Template for Power Point → Download and template for email → Download

D3.1 Report containing evaluation of target group demands regarding usability and design framework EIT → Download

D3.1.1 One consolidated report of existing national online tools → Download

D3.3 Web based online application EIT available in 8 country versions / 5 languages → Download

D4.1 Concept for offline campaigning including with a proposal of 10 offline activities → Download

D4.2 Concept for 10 Best-practice offline activities → Download

D4.3 Flyer with the main information about the campaign → Download

D5.1 Concept for online campaigning → Download

D5.2 Special topics topic framework 1-7 → Download

D5.3 Website extension for photo competitions → Download

D5.4 Best practise examples → Download

D5.5 Report on online competitions in every contry → Download

D5.6 Collection of updates on social media channels → Download

D5.7 Video → Play

D6.2 und D7.2 Media Evaluation Report → Download

D7.1 Questionnaire for the evaluation of YEFF and the EIT → Download

D7.4 The SMERGYreport → Download