Online- and offline actions

SMERGY will connect online and offline campaigning to bring people together. With several online and offline-actions in relation to energy saving and energy efficiency it is important to build up a community and a social feeling within the campaign. While the online campaign will inform about various energy saving topics on the website, the offline campaign includes the implementation of ten creative actions in participating countries. All actions are tailor-made for the living conditions and daily needs of young adults and will motivate them to implement concrete energy saving measures at home.

Online and offline campaigning and the online advisor SMERGYmeter will be closely linked with each other. Linking offline and online campaign can be carried out thematically by following the online actions currently presented on the website (special topics, competitions, etc). Furthermore we will provide photos, videos and audio material from offline actions on the website. All activities will also be registered and visualized with the SMERGYmeter. Also the SMERGYmeter, the Website and Social Media channels will be actively promoted during the activities. The SMERGYmeter will be introduced and demonstrated by using a smartphone or a tablet during an offline action and activity.

SMERGY offline actions:

  • diverse action weeks (e.g. electric lighting, cooling and washing) with competitions
  • photo competition, e.g. „the most-used refrigerator in a shared-apartment”
  • checklist for moving into and searching for an apartment 
  • interactive guide to a climate-friendly party