Published national articles:

  • Topic 1 “Living a Sustainable life” is about the general living situation of students. It also focuses on the possible energy savings in the own flat regarding electricity and heating. 
  • Topic 2 is elaborating Energy saving activities and possibilities during the Christmas time & New Year’s Eve. To have a low level entry to sustainability also upcycling tips for Christmas presents have been published on the website that were successfully picked up by German media.
  • Topic 3: Hunting for an energy efficient apartment with a checklist for students. All partners have been provided with a graphic-template of the checklist to adapt it on national level. 
  • Topic 4 is about Green IT and the energy efficient use of consumer electronics like smartphones, tablets and computers. This topic has been produced in close cooperation with the scientific experts from useITsmartly. 
  • Topic 5 is dealing with special energy and sustainability tips during the summer time. For example tips for a climate friendly holiday.

You can find these articles on the national websites in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Sweden and Denmark

Special Topics

The SMERGY campaign will offer various information about energy saving and energy efficiency in special topics for the website. These topics are highlighting different issues and motivate users to participate in energy saving activities. All campaign activities are linked to each other, generating synergies between offline and online activities.

During the whole campaign duration seven special topics will be published on the national campaign websites. One special topic includes several texts, interviews and tips regarding an energy saving topic with relevance to the target group. Examples for special topics are heating, lighting, electronic devices, smart IT use / Green IT, or how to find an energy-efficient apartment. The integration of expertise and experience in consumer communication into the online communication concept will be covered by the involvement of partner companies.

The function of the special topics is to highlight one specific topic to address users, media and potential partners out of that special sector. As young adults often live as tenants and only have limited influence on energy-efficient investments in their house (e.g. they cannot replace the heating pump or old windows).